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3 Marketing Pieces Every Professional Services Firm Needs to Support Growth

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If you have firm growth on your mind, you’re not alone. In a recent study, high growth firms are seeing nearly 30% more growth an average growth firms, generating nearly 20% more revenue per employee, and are 2 TIMES more profitable than no growth firms. High growth firms also invested 43% more effort towards marketing, and saw 74% more impact on their bottom line. [Hinge Research]

Obviously, marketing is an important aspect of firm growth. But what specifically about your marketing program will make a difference for your professional service firm’s growth? At amplify, our philosophy is most often that less is more. Focusing on the tactics that will make the biggest impact for your company helps your team focus their efforts in a way that actually grows your bottom line.

All that said, one of the biggest challenges our clients face is whittling down the bulky folder of marketing pieces they’ve acquired over the years to the ones that actually make a difference in today’s economy. And while the messaging, visual, and style of each of our clients is vastly different, there are a few pieces that ALWAYS make the cut. So if you’re struggling to identify what materials your team really needs to back up your brand and support your growth, you’re in luck. Today, we’re sharing the top THREE foundational marketing pieces that should be in place before you move on to anything else.

A Visually Pleasing Website

Let’s face it – today’s market isn’t just digital, it’s visual. Your digital presence is one of the FIRST places your clients and prospects will look to decide whether or not they want to give you new business. And while your website doesn’t have to be PERFECT, it does have to look nice, be reflective of your brand and give your people credibility.

Your website should go through a major update about every 2 to 3 years. While that sounds frequent, remember that it’s not necessarily the content that needs to change. It’s the organization of your content, and the visual that needs to be updated to meet a quickly changing digital standard.

If you’re not sure whether your website needs an update, answer these questions: Does your website visual make your firm look like you’re at least as saavy as your competitors? Are your visuals big and bold? Is the content relevant, and more reflective of your target audience (and the value they get from working with you), as opposed to your firm history?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time to get your site audited.

A Knowledge Hub, AKA a Blog

Some professional service firms are shying away from blogging, because it can be hard to directly track ROI to a blog – and it can be a big time investment. But high-growth firms routinely list their blog as one of the top ten marketing tactics that are helping them outpace the competition.

That’s because a blog is like a deep dive on your knowledge, and it truly sets you apart from your competitors. The right blogging strategy is also an excellent way to help your site perform better in search results. The more of your knowledge you can showcase in a digital platform, the more your prospects and clients are going to trust you. And that means more repeat business, and new business as a whole – because today’s customer buys on trust and likability more often than cost.

Once you’ve established your blog, it’s important to maximize everything you’re creating across your presence. This means leveraging your blog content on social media, sending out a regular newsletter to your clients and prospects, pitching great stories to the local media, etc.

One Pagers

2017 is the year of the niche one pager. This is a quick, value-driven designed document that shows your prospect (or client) how you’ve set yourself apart within a specific industry or niche service that is applicable to them. They can be used in print or digital format, and are a clear cut, simple way to showcase why someone should work with you.

The important thing with a one pager is to stay very high level. A nice intro to your firm or service, along with a few statistics, testimonials and/or services and your contact information is really all you need. The design and visual should drive towards your target demographic with a beautiful, modern look and feel.

All in all, one pagers are a low cost way to compliment what your team is already doing, and are helpful for both cross-selling and prospecting.

Need Help?

At amplify, we believe your marketing should be targeted to support what you’re already doing to grow your brand, and that your strategy should be maximized to fit your budget. If you need help assessing whether these – or any other – marketing tactics can help support growth for your business, we’d love to chat. Email us today to set up a free consultation!