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3 Tips for Deepening Your Current Client Relationships to Help Cultivate New Business

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If you run a business, you’re probably constantly working to build relationships and connections with prospective customers. This is great. It’s no secret that we are champions of relationship driven marketing. But pause for a moment to consider how your firm is maintaining and strengthening the relationships of those clients who have perhaps been on your roster for some time. Do you have any special strategies in play that are specifically target keeping those relationships thriving? After all, you will generate future service from continuing clients. These accounts serve as the basis of your business’ sustainability. As you may have already guessed, customer loyalty is something we treasure and strive for, so high on our list of priorities is making sure our clients continue to feel the love, long after we strike that first deal. You then have the opportunity to expand efforts within their campaign.

In the spirit of helping you prepare for business success in the coming year, let’s examine some valuable sales tips for ensuring that your current clients continue to feel that they are receiving gold star service.

Regular Interaction NOT Related to Sales

In order to personalize the service you provide, you should put considerable effort into regularly communicating with clients. Indeed, much of your exchanges with clients will deal with business, and help you clearly understand their needs and pain points so that you may better address those. However, just as important is that each conversation and interaction with clients is an opportunity to learn about them on a personal level. It’s crucial that you be genuine in your interactions. People can detect inauthenticity a mile off, and it can quickly sour a relationship. However, if you invest in building a positive reputation for your firm, and give each client exceptional and personal service, authenticity is likely a trait you put forth each day.

Creating a positive experience for clients means knowing them as individuals instead of simply seeing sales potential. When you work with customers, every small but valuable detail you glean can make all the difference in helping you build a strong connection with them. Show an interest in where they went to school and how they got into their field. Remember details about their families, personal interests and goals. Learn about their involvement in their community and any philanthropic efforts close to their heart. When you ask about any of these details, they will undoubtedly notice and keep it in mind. It’s efforts such as this that can elevate your reputation as going the extra mile for customers.

Leverage Client Success Stories to Demonstrate Value

Much of your future business is likely to come from your current clients. Thus, it’s crucial you’re keeping them apprised of the ways you can continue to help them grow their business. The key, however, is to not be overly aggressive or brash in your efforts. It can be a turn-off for clients if you bombard them with sales pitches. Subtly encourage clients to learn of new ways you can support them by sharing success stories and strategies utilized in other campaigns. Sharing success stories can be effective when you detail how you were able to successfully overcome a similar issue to your client is facing.  Clearly illustrate the value you brought to the client’s situation and how their goals were met. Stories can help other clients recognize a similarity among business goals and challenges, and areas of potential growth your firm can bring about through new avenues. Even if they don’t end up seeking additional support right away, or if a strategy doesn’t line up with their current needs, they will likely keep it in mind for later on down the line.

Ask for Referrals When Clients Have an Excellent Experience

Nothing is sweeter than when your clients experience success as a result of your efforts. When this happens, make it a point to seek out their reference to potential business leads. When you develop solid relationships with clients, they can serve as a champion for your work. They can offer their voice to bring attention to your firm’s value. This is a business goldmine to curate future business. Nothing speaks more highly of your reputation than the positive word of a happy customer. The opportunity to gain referrals increases when you engage with them over time, you are transparent with your actions, you make them aware of how their feedback is valuable and integral to your business, and when you get to know their team members as individuals and friends.

Building Partnerships that Stand the Test of Time

When you need to focus on other day-to-day tasks, maintaining relationships can be overwhelming. Putting a game plan together is ideal, but fitting it into an already busy schedule is tricky. We can help you develop and incorporate tailored strategies into your business plan that ensure you’re creating foundations that will sustain your business over the years. Please contact us today for additional sales tips or to learn more about our services.