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4 Things Your Website Needs to Thrive

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Your website is one of the most important aspects of your digital brand. It’s the hub of your knowledge, and where people go to vet you before they buy from you. So it’s probably not a shock that one of the first things our new clients ask us for is updates to their website marketing to make it more search-friendly, and easier to convert website visitors into clients.

We check out a lot of websites from a lot of different industries throughout the year – helping brands selling anything from baby products to legal services to yoga pants to commercial construction. And despite the gaps that you would expect to find with this range of industries and target audiences, a few things remain the same – mainly, the foundational things your website marketing needs to both attract and convert new business.

Today, we’re sharing the top four things you should be tracking on your website to leverage as a real tool for business development.

  1. Make sure it’s easy to navigate. One of the biggest ways to lose site visitors is by having a website that’s hard to navigate, or takes too long to load pages. If you can’t intuitively find the content that you’re looking for, then it’s time for a change. (Pro tip: not sure whether your site is easy to navigate? Ask a few friends to locate two different products, services or blog posts, and report how hard it is for to find)
  2. Make sure the pictures look realistic. If you’re still using teeny photos, grainy photos, or photos that look like clip art, it’s time for a change. This doesn’t do anything to make a website visitor feel like your brand is current, or envision themselves working with you. Stock images are just fine, so long as they don’t look like traditional stock photos. Lifestyle images – whether that’s work, in-the-field, or something different – always win. If possible, try to incorporate photos of your space or your team – it resonates the best, especially in service-driven fields.
  3. Update your SEO. The easiest place to lose traffic is with searchability. Because your prospects can’t FIND you! Most of our clients only need a basic SEO tune up and optimization on  NEW content added to their site. It doesn’t have to be hard, or expensive – but it does need to be done.
  4. Make stronger calls-to-action. When we start working with most of our clients, there is no call to action regularly used in their content. And if there are, they aren’t strong. Remember that someone on your website needs direction on where to go next. As you’re preparing content, think through what would be valuable for them to do next. Is it read a blog post? Schedule an appointment? Check out a success story? Showing someone where they can find more information keeps them engaged and builds a stronger connection to your company.