We help brands grow.

Our team fills in the gaps to optimize your marketing and sales strategy, amplifying your brand’s success.

Founded in 2014 by Cortney Galster, Amplify was created to help brands like yours grow. Our team of seasoned pros consists of strategists, content creators, designers and photographers who act as consultants and implementers for your brand.

Our focus is building a strategic plan for marketing and sales that is always tied to ROI. We’re not an agency that’s going to recommend a tactic just for the sake of doing something. You’ll always know why we’re recommending something, along with how it’s producing for your bottom line.


All of our plans are built to bring more cohesion into your sales and marketing strategy, which naturally builds a stronger return on everything you implement.


We pride ourselves on creating programs that generate results, without a lot of red tape. This means you get more done for the money you spend on sales and marketing.


We constantly test new ideas and concepts to continuously improve our existing programs to keep every tactic we recommend relevant, and ensure you're getting the best results possible.

Common marketing questions

Here are a few common questions many of our clients have about working with us before they get started: 

Strategic marketing goes much deeper than just ordering business cards, putting up a functional website and setting up a Facebook page. Our job is to create a cohesive marketing strategy that actually helps you generate new business. The only thing our team does is sales and marketing – and we’re really good at generating results. Sure, there will still be a lot of things that your team can continue to manage on their own. But figuring out where their time is best spent, and how to make your business grow significantly and sustainably, is where we shine. 

There are lots of great agencies out there – in fact, we partner with them frequently! But our clients choose to work with us because we’re extremely knowledgeable, we’re amazing at creating results that drive their vision forward, and we’re focused on building a long-term relationship with them, not just doing a single project. Because of that, they know that they’re going to get superior service from the team they work with, and they know we’re going to go the extra mile to get them serious results. 

We get it, we really do. And while we can’t guarantee that you’ll achieve exactly the results you’re looking for, we promise to be upfront about what we CAN do with the budget and the team you have, to tell you if we think your goals are unreasonable, and to consistently track, adjust and communicate about the tactics we’re implementing for you. We’re a boutique firm, and we’re a small business, too. That means we understand that you need to generate a return on the money you put towards sales and marketing this year. And we’ll work our behinds off to put those dollars to work for you.

We get it! Many of our clients run a test program before they commit to the whole she-bang. That said, we don’t typically require long-term contracts. We ask for 30-days notice if you want to change or cancel your monthly engagement with us, but we’re not going to make you sign up for a year at a crack. And our projects are built out transparently, so that you always know what you’re getting, and you always know what you’re paying.

We have a variety of clients that we work with, large and small. For smaller clients, we have tried-and-true tactics that we leverage in the digital space to create new growth for your brand, before you dip your toes into larger, more long-term marketing efforts. While we’re not the right fit for everyone, we can find tactics that generate growth for your brand with a small budget.

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