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Building a launch strategy for your next book

Building a launch strategy for your next book

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Many authors come to us, at first, for one of two things: digital ads, and new launch strategies. Digital ads are pretty easy to get going right away and do not need much planning in advance. A launch strategy is not something you want to leave to the last minute. Here are a few tips you can start working on six to twelve months prior to your next book launch.

Get active on social media

Social media is where you can interact with your audience for a very low cost, but growth and engagement doesn’t happen overnight. If all your posts push selling more copies of your book, you’re not going to build a relationship with your audience. Start early, post consistently, be relatable, and follow up on comments regularly. Overtime, you’ll start to see some growth.

Think about your newsletter list

Your newsletter list is where you’re going to see the most direct sales. Getting people ON your newsletter list NOW should be a top priority. Running giveaways, co-sponsoring giveaways with other authors, and partnering with highly read blogs in your genre are all excellent opportunities to get more people engaged with you, without a high cost.

Set up a pre-sale strategy

If you have a few books published already, start thinking about how you can use those as a lead-in to your next book. Making your next book available a few weeks ahead of time with a pre-sale is a great start. Putting existing books on sale, or on Kindle Unlimited, or running a Bookbub, are all great ways to push readers to fall in love with your writing and order their next read – your upcoming release.

While this isn’t everything that goes into a book launch strategy, it’s a few things you should be thinking about in advance that will help your upcoming book successful. Have questions? Email us: [email protected]