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Effective Rebranding Strategies for Commercial and Professional Service Firms

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For many commercial and professional service firms, there may come a time to consider rebranding. This may be due to any number of reasons. Perhaps a firm needs to reposition itself to compete more effectively in the market. Maybe there is a shift in the target customer demographic and previous branding is no longer appropriate. Whatever the reason, it’s helpful to take the necessary steps to ensure that the transition is smooth and successful. Below, we examine some aspects to consider.

Be Clear on the Reason for Rebranding

We all know how a strong foundation makes for the most successful business. As such, it’s key that everyone within your firm understand why rebranding is taking place and how it will help move the business forward. It may be something as simple as a merger and a need for a fresh and unified vision. Perhaps you’re heading a team that has spun off of another brand and you need to create an identity for it. Sometimes a firm has outgrown its original philosophy and image, or needs to reevaluate in order to better position itself among competitors. No matter what the drive behind a rebranding may be, everyone should be clear and on board to help with the changes. Employees can more easily invest in new ideas when they have a strong sense of the reason behind it all.

Analyze Your Place In the Market and Target Clientele

You can’t expect to rebrand while keeping the same outlook of the marketplace and your customers. It’s important to dedicate some time to consider your new position, and see how it affects various aspects of your firm. A strong understanding of your new position will help you make wise choices. If you are targeting a new demographic, are your employees equipped to address their needs? Perhaps new team members will be key in helping rebranding efforts. Consider changes that need to be made to marketing strategies. You don’t want to put in a lot of work in other aspects of rebranding without giving this component some consideration, as you may end up with wasted efforts.

Uncover Your Strategy by Developing Messaging and Positioning

Rebranding requires firms to work out how they fit within the marketplace, also known as positioning. This concept should be firm and clearly identified, as it will drive and support all subsequent decisions. Once positioning is determined, messaging architecture—how you express your message to each relevant audience—can be developed. Note that messaging should be consistent across everything you put forth and back up your firm’s goals and philosophy.

Develop Brand Identity

Once you have positioning and messaging architecture in place, you can move forward with determining the visual aspects that will represent your brand and become its identity. This includes components such as logo, color scheme, business card and letterhead design, taglines, and more. Again, these items should be consistent across everything, from your website to brochures to presentation materials.

Website and Online Presence

We’ve discussed many times how important your firm’s website is in attracting new clientele and supporting connections with current customers. In many regards, it is the “face” of your business and is the strongest tool you have in making a positive impression. Thus, it’s crucial when rebranding that website development be thoughtful and strategic. Keep your messaging and brand identity consistent and clear across all pages. Make sure this also carries over to any social media campaigns to ensure that your online presence is reflecting your new brand accurately and effectively.

Develop Marketing Elements

A rebrand will require that you create new marketing materials that reflect your firm’s positioning and messaging. Consider how you can effectively communicate your brand’s message across items like brochures, fliers, trade show materials, proposals, and more. Remember that consistency in message and voice is key in making sure that your firm is accurately represented.

Have a Plan in Place for Rebranding Launch and Promotion

Successful rebranding requires a substantial amount of effort and energy. Once you’ve put a lot of work into such a huge change, it’s imperative to develop a plan to help you roll it out effectively. If done haphazardly, you risk losing out on a lot. Your plan should start internally, determining how to present the rebranding to employees. After all, they serve as the foundation of your business. In giving them something worthwhile to invest in, along with a delivery that reflects consideration for their role in the scheme of things, they will be more likely to get on board and put their all into supporting the transition.

You also need to have a strategy for how you will present your rebrand to clients, both current and potential. Keep in mind that your firm’s reputation is at stake. Any missteps in rolling out changes will likely set the tone for how you will move forward and how you’re viewed. Establish partnerships with those that will work to make sure that your rebranding is successful and rewarding.

Is a Rebrand On Your Firm’s Horizon?

If a rebrand is a possibility in your firm’s future, it’s never too early to take steps to ensure it’s done right. We can work with you to develop a plan that addresses all the aspects necessary for a smooth and successful transition. Our expertise and experience will prove invaluable as you embark into new territory. Please contact us today to set up a consultation.