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FAQs: How to Grow Your Brand Through the Power of Social Media

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For our clients, social media is a must-have item. Even if they don’t know it yet.

Oftentimes, when a client starts working with us, auditing their social presence is the first step on our process. This is for one of two reasons:

1. They’re looking for a full marketing strategy, and in a digital world, social media is now a foundational piece of marketing.

2. They want to implement an influencer campaign, but their own social channels just aren’t reflecting their brand well. And if their channels aren’t optimized to align with their brand and nurture the new traffic they get from a campaign, they won’t build as much momentum from an influencer initiative.

Because this is so high on our priority list, we get a LOT of questions from clients pertaining to what their social media accounts should look like, how frequently they should be posting, and how they can keep an audience engaged.

And that is information we think everyone should have! To help you craft a strategy for your own social growth – and help you look a little more critically at your brand’s social presence, we’ve pulled together a quick FAQ of the top 5 social media questions we’ve gotten over the past 30 days. Brilliant, right?!

Why is Social Media so Important to my Brand?

Believe it or not, most of our clients don’t understand how a strong social presence translates to actual sales for their brand. There are a few different ways you can leverage your social presence for actual growth: to directly engage with a prospect, to nurture your audience so that they build trust and fall in love with your brand and to back up your brand with industry knowledge, a particular lifestyle image or engaging content when people start vetting you online.

What’s the Most Important Thing I Need to ‘Do’ on Social Media?

It’s not so much about that one special thing – a secret sauce, if you will. It’s about posting consistently in a way that your followers/prospects can depend on, having a message that’s true to your brand, creating and curating content that adds value to your end user and having an engaging profile that leaves people with an understanding o who you are and what they can expect by engaging with you.

What’s More Important: My profile or My Posts?

That’s a chicken and egg scenario. Truth be told, they’re both equally important. Your profile is what people see first on every network. It needs to help them understand, in a very quick (yet personal) way, who you are and what you do. Your posts are what keep them engaged.

Look at it this way: your profile is what gets people to connect with you. And your posts are what KEEP people connected to you. Both are necessary to thrive.

How Often Do I Need to Post?

This really depends on your brand, your goals and your industry. But the best answer that I can give you is that you need to post more than you think you need to post.

Many times, our clients have worked with other agencies who have kind of…told them what they want to hear in terms of their social media. And often times, that’s just not enough to make a difference when compared with their brand goals. For most brands, this means you need to be posting at least 5 times a week, oftentimes more.

If that sounds scary, let us help talk you off the ledge: there are TONS of ways to manage this so that you’re not spending half the day on social media!

Get the Right Social Media Consultant to Help

Our team of social media experts can help you develop the right strategy and ongoing content to actually reach your goals, and lay a foundation for success in the digital world. For the month of July, we’re also running a discount on our social media audit + first month of content – and it’s often the best way for our clients to get started, and actually start seeing some SUCCESS with their social media efforts!

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