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Real, sustainable growth begins with a strong strategy for lead generation. To help you start generating leads with tactics that are simple to use and easy to be consistent with, our own Director of Sales Programming, Melissa Seburg pulled together her top actionable tips for lead generation! 

Who should take this course?

If you are looking to drive new business for your company, this 3-day mini-course is for you. Whether your role is in sales, marketing, business development or anything that falls under business growth, you’ll get immediate access to the three top ways we bring new leads to our clients’ doors.

This is a powerful set of easy, actionable ways to drive leads that you can begin implementing today. And best of all? It’s completely FREE.

Who is Melissa?

Melissa is the Director of Sales Programming at amplify, and our resident selling expert. She has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience. Melissa has worked with companies large and small to drive significant business growth by leveraging niche-oriented sales and marketing strategies.

Melissa works with our clients to refine their sales processes, identify the correct sales and marketing initiatives that will truly support their growth, and build stronger accountability into the sales cycle. This leads to a shorter sales cycle, more prospects in the pipeline, and ultimately, a stronger ability to grow.

For this sales course, Melissa’s sharing the top lead generation tips she builds out for our clients, and giving you a daily action item to build new business for your brand! 

tell me more about amplify

amplify is a sales and marketing agency that works with clients across multiple industries. Our focus is creating ROI-driven initiatives that are both thoughtful and strategic in nature, lending themselves to support growth in a sustainable way. 

We meld digital and traditional tactics to build a cohesive strategy that reaches and engages with your target prospects, leveraging programs that build recognition, loyalty, and ultimately, growth.

do i really need this course?

Whether you’re just looking for new ways to grow, or looking to get out of a slump with your business growth, this course will help you get there. Melissa’s incorporated the top tactics for lead generation with actionable, easy-to-accomplish steps that will help you start building new business, right now. 

Plus, the course is free – so you have nothing to lose! Check out this amazing program today, and start driving new business now!