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Marketing Strategy and your Business: Where do you start?

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When we start working with clients, the first thing we do is lay out a sales and marketing strategy. We actually call this a success plan. Without a plan, it’s impossible to get to a point of sustainable success, because you’re not working toward specific goals and identifying what’s going to really help you reach those goals, and it’s also super challenging to track anything.

Setting up a strategy is often overwhelming for our clients, and if you’re in the same boat, don’t fret! Below, we’re outlining the top things you need to think about with a strategy, which will help all of the other pieces – mainly, where you should focus your sales and marketing strategy as a whole – fall into place.

Start with your vision and goals

Thinking about your vision and goals helps you create an action plan, put measurable tracking measures in place, and break down your growth into digestible chunks, so that you can be more realistic with your planning and monetary spend.

Then, add on your target audience

Thinking about your goals, you need to also consider what type of clients will help you reach those goals. These are your target audiences. It doesn’t mean you won’t take on work outside of these demographics. This is just who you should be crafting your marketing towards.

Want a deeper dive on how to define your target audiences? Our free value-add content training does an in-depth look at what to include and how to find the right information.

Next, lay out how you can reach your target audiences

Think through how these individuals will interact with you best. Prioritize these based on where you’ll see the most engagement and traction.

Finally, assign a budget and build out a monthly list of tactics

Your growth is obviously dependent on your budget. Identify your monthly spend and what tactics will fit into that spend from month to month, and you can begin building a true sales and marketing strategy from there.