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Marketing Success Story: E-campaign drives significant expo engagement

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This marketing success was possible by creating a plan a month in advance to drive engagement at the expo. Their goal was to schedule appointments within this niche market, and their expectations were exceeded.

The problem: Our client was planning to exhibit at an expo in one of the markets they serve. It was one of their only opportunities of the year to be face-to-face with a mass number of prospects in this niche. They wanted to maximize their visibility and brand recognition with this audience.

Our solution: We recommended that the client request the event attendance list in advance. We leveraged a drip campaign prior to the expo for brand awareness with details about their booth. We wanted to showcase their differentiators and personality to drive more individuals to their booth and request appointments.

Marketing success: Our client saw huge engagement on the campaign, with nearly triple the average industry engagement for their list. As a result, they had so many more visitors to their booth than they expected, they ran out of the materials they were handing out. They had to start a wait-list for the branded tchotchke they handed out. Because of their success at the event, a  follow-up drip campaign was leveraged to drive additional engagement and brand recognition. This follow-up resulted in the scheduling of additional  consultations.