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Maximizing content for increased ROI

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I was chatting with a new referral the other day and got to thinking about how to maximize content for ROI. One of the first things they said was that the reason they weren’t doing more marketing was because they couldn’t keep up with the content. Blog posts, LinkedIn articles, newsletter content, social media posts…it was all just too overwhelming to manage!

It’s something we hear a lot – many of our new clients haven’t gotten started on marketing themselves before, because they don’t know where to start…and because it’s too much to tackle everything all at one time.

When it comes down to it, content is important. But content for the sake of content isn’t the right approach. After all – if your content isn’t valuable, and you’re not getting it in front of the right people, it’s not actually DOING anything for you. Which is why we take a different approach.

And if you find yourself falling into the mindset of “it’s just too much,” let me walk you through how to set up a better strategy that maximizes your time, keeps you active in the right places, but originates your content where your targets are most likely to spend time.

One: Figure out where your audience spends the bulk of their time

Different people spend their time online in different places. And they spend that time with different brands, differently (like how I overused “different” there?).

Think about where YOUR target audience is most likely to spend time online, then think about how you can stay in front of them BETTER in that space.

For example, if you’re selling a product targeted to moms between the ages of 28 and 40, you’re going to see the MOST interaction on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They engage on those channels in short snippets of information. So you better develop a strong strategy that doesn’t just promote your products on those channels, but also curates a relationship with them. Are they looking for a deeper dive with blog content? Yes, but not from you. They want to see their favorite influencers experiencing your product, so that they get a real, well-rounded viewpoint on why they should buy it. So instead of putting money into your own blog content, you should be partnering with some great bloggers who will do some cool imagery and content for your brand.

If you’re a law firm looking to work with small business owners on their company needs, you’re going to want to be more active with LinkedIn content (and Instagram content, believe it or not). That audience is going to want a deeper dive on the specifics of what you offer and how you’ve been able to help other companies like them, so lots of regular content on your website is where you should start.

Two: Create content for one channel, then maximize it everywhere else

Once you know where your target audience is spending the majority of their time, you can craft content specifically targeted to them. And once that content is created, you just need to maximize it across all of your other channels.

You don’t want to neglect the other places that people may interact with you online – but you can use a lot of the same content in those places. You see, some people are going to check you out in some of these mainstay places online just to judge whether you’re worth buying from or not.

So share your Instagram posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Put your blog content into an article format on LinkedIn, and add it to your other social channels with a pretty picture (and a link back to your website). Make that article your featured content in your newsletter, and don’t be afraid to re-share your social content in your newsletter.

Instead of focusing on creating new content for every source you’re leveraging, create a little content and push it out everywhere you can think of. Don’t be afraid to re-use great content a few months down the line. You’ll not only make sure the right people see the great content you’re pushing out to the world, you’ll feel less overwhelmed by the prospect of all the new ways people are interacting with you online.