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Moms Mean Business: We Salute Hardworking Moms

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Moms Mean Business: We Salute Hardworking Moms

There’s a lot of debate out there about paid maternity and paternity leave. As moms ourselves, we understand first-hand the stress that follows the joy of having a baby. For women who have spent many years building their career, the moment they become moms can be a little overwhelming.
Suddenly, the life they’ve worked so hard to build their identity around changes and their focus shifts to their new title, Mom. The inevitable conversations take place about how long of a maternity leave will she take and will she be going back to work.  It’s a decision that, no matter the outcome, has some guilt attached to it.
For a long time, social norms told us that moms should stay home, raise the children and manage the household. We’re fortunate to live in a time when there’s significantly more opportunity for women, although there’s still more progress to be made.
There seems to be a perception that working moms are only mediocre at both their role as mother and professional simply because their time and attention is divided.

We believe just the opposite.

Because of a mom’s desire to continue on in her career after welcoming baby, regardless of what that looks like – full time, part time, remote office, etc., she’s made the decision and is dedicated to doing both, and doing them well. Here’s why:
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Her time is limited

Moms in the workplace have schedules they need to stick to. Some employers view this as a challenge, given that they don’t have as much flexibility. We view this as a more efficient employee who has to tackle all of their to-do’s to avoid being late to daycare pick-up.

Her time is valuable

She’s got family as a priority and when she spends time with them, she wants to be all-in. That means she’s not going to waste her hours at the office water cooler or taking leisurely lunches. She’s got a job to get done so she can spend quality time with her loved ones each day.
We know there are working moms who are leading successful and fulfilling lives as both mom and professional. But, we also know there are moms who feel stuck. Moms who want to be taken seriously and not viewed as a distracted employee. Moms who are at home with their children looking for an opportunity to get back in the workplace.
It’s time we highlight the many strengths of these valuable women. We’re at a place where we need to re-define what the typical work day looks like – providing more flexibility in schedule and embracing working remotely to capitalize on the talent that’s out there, but doesn’t fit into the standard 8-5 job with a 45-minute commute.
Don’t be mistaken, moms out there mean business, too. And this is exactly the core of what we’re founded on. At Amplify, we’re proud to create opportunities for those ambitious women, without requiring them to sacrifice their family values.
In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to honor all of the hard-working moms out there. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, regular working mom or #momboss, we salute you.
In Solidarity,
Tara and Cortney