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SALES is a Four (err- Five?) Letter Word. Have you Changed YOUR Strategy for Customer Acquisition Yet?

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The digital world has had a huge impact on our lives. Not only do we communicate more often, more quickly and, well, more efficiently, it’s changed how we look at products, advertising and the marketing/sales world as a whole. The rise of the millennial generation has given way to a new way of thought, one that’s trickling upward into the older generations as well: people don’t want to be SOLD.

They don’t want to receive a direct mail piece that tells them all of the ways your business is different. They don’t want to see a billboard that says, BUY ME NOW! And they sure as heck don’t respond well to traditional ad placements and commercials. They want to build a relationship with you and your brand. They don’t want to feel like another number in your year-end statement. They want a connection, and to feel like they’re valued.

Consumers are actually looking at “sales” as a four letter word. Even though it has five letters. Try and wrap your head around THAT for a second, would you?

Today, it takes consumers anywhere from eight to fourteen interactions with a brand before they remember it, and want to buy whatever it is that brand is selling. What does that tell you? One interaction through a bulk mailer just isn’t going to get you new customers. So, what can you start doing today that will start building a relationship-driven culture of growth at your brand? Let me walk you through a few of my most commonly used client tips.

Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

That sounds so basic, doesn’t it? But it’s really the best place to start. Think about your target audience. Who are they? How do they see your brand? And aspirationally, how do you WANT them to see your brand? And, almost more importantly, WHERE are they seeing your brand message?

This affects much of the foundation of your sales and marketing strategy. Not only does it help you start communicating your brand message in a way that speaks to and makes sense for your audience, it helps you to identify the best channels to amplify that message.

Be Authentic, yet Memorable

Anywhere that a customer or prospect interacts with your brand in a targeted way should feel authentic, yet stand out. If you’re partnering with influencers, make sure the product actually fits with the type of content they produce, and that their sponsored posts weave products into their normal, everyday life.

If you’re sponsoring a golf tournament, make your space on the course true to your brand – for example, offer a signature cocktail, or a fun tchochke that no one would expect. Basically, I’m telling you to make the event fit your brand. Don’t modify your brand to offer a tasteless glimpse of what you do. That’s not a memorable way to engage with your audience!

Be Consistent

Once you’ve chosen specific ways to stay in front of your prospects and clients, be consistent with those methods. For example, if you’re sending out a monthly newsletter, SEND IT OUT (and include content that your CUSTOMERS are interested in, NOT your COLLEAGUES!).

If you’re going to be active on social media with a post per day, make sure you push that content out every.single.day.

The more consistent you are, the more your prospects and customers will take note. The more they’ll trust you, the more they’ll remember you, and the more likely they will be to buy from you.

Add Value

The digital age mindset goes beyond wanting to be valued in the world. People want to see value communicated to them by brands. They’re not going to buy you simply because you say you have a great product. They have to see that your product or service adds something to their life. That their life will actually be enhanced by purchasing from you. The more you can communicate value with every interaction a prospective customer has with your brand, the shorter your sales cycle will be.

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We frequently partner with our clients to identify where their prospective customers are, and how to best stay in front of them. We help them craft the right message, and build processes that drive consistent communication. All of this leads to a more effective selling process, that drives sustainable business growth.

To learn more, click here to schedule a free consultation. We’d love to share more about what’s working for our clients, and how we could potentially help you spark stronger growth within your own brand!