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Stronger Sales Strategies: Three Tips for Supporting Customer Relationships and Boosting Business

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Strong sales don’t simply happen. Successful business owners understand that it takes deliberate effort to drive business. They know the value in brainstorming new ideas, putting plans into action, and revisiting strategies to make sure they are paying off. What should some of these plans and strategies include? We explore three critical areas all business owners should consider.

Leverage a Management System

As you undoubtedly know, customers stand at the center of all you do. As such, it’s crucial to make every effort to maintain those relationships you’ve established with clients, by tracking their activity and staying engaged. No matter what it entails, customer relationship management (CRM) should be a central part of your sales strategy.

The goal of CRM is to help businesses oversee all aspects regarding their customers in order to achieve goals, improve customer experience, and drive sales. In today’s market, a digital CRM platform makes a lot of sense for many businesses. By having a central database of all customer information, you and your team can easily access all those details, large and small, that comprise your connection with a customer. And as we so often hear from our clients, it’s that personal attention to detail that can be the difference between a continued relationship with a customer or having them take their business elsewhere.

CRM software consolidates all customer information and organizes it within an easy-to-use platform. Any details regarding customer interactions, from emails and phone calls to meeting notes, can be accessed and tracked.

You can also establish automated workflow processes to help you stay on top of everything; calendar items, alerts, task lists and more can be set up so you’re up to date on where a particular client stands. Many CRM systems are easily scalable, so depending on the size of your team, everyone will be able to access and utilize the features of a CRM system.

Finally, another benefit is the ability to arrange consistent communication with your customers. They’ll appreciate being kept in the loop with marketing materials, customer profile updates, and special offers. In being able to easily keep your business front and center (and hopefully turn a single sales lead into a full-fledged customer), the ROI for a CRM system will quickly become evident.

Build Consistency into Your Sales Routine

Just as important as an investment in a management system is investing some time in the development of a regular sales routine. By working time into your daily calendar to address tasks necessary for conversions, you’ll be able to effectively hit those necessary marks that lead to an improvement in visibility and sales.These may include outreach and follow-up calls with new customer leads, as well as business lunches and coffee meetings with current customers.

Another strategy that can prove helpful is putting together a newsletter that is emailed to current and potential customers regularly, sharing with them announcements and updates pertinent to their needs. With your personal voice and attention, it will become clear to customers how dedicated you are in establishing and maintaining a strong connection.

Managing the Day-to-Day

In setting aside the time to address routine sales activities, you will also help establish yourself as a business leader. Taking a step back from the day-to-day duties puts you in the position to work “on” your business rather than “in” the business. This is a vital component in making sure your company grows and reaches new prospects, so it’s worth developing a system that works.

You can carve out blocks of time using your calendar or utilize a project management system to assign yourself weekly sales tasks. Have an assistant or member of your team keep you accountable in meeting your goals. They can give reminders to help you avoid putting items on the backburner and give you some added encouragement to tackle those things that will help inch your business ahead.

Make Sure Your Marketing Supports Your Sales

Having the previously discussed strategies in place puts you on the path to improved sales, but will only take you so far if you don’t have the marketing to back it up. It’s crucial to make sure that all aspects of marketing are reflecting the goals of your business.

Your website should be kept up to date, with all details regarding your current offerings, contact page, and staff/team profiles reflecting accurate information. See to it that your social media content is updated regularly and relevant to customer interests and concerns. Spend time with your team to create one-pagers and case studies that offer detailed insight into what your business does best. Customers will be more likely to trust your expertise among others and turn to you because they will see the evidence of your efforts and dedication.

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