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Success Story: Author Growth Leads to Double Royalties

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Our Stillwater based client was looking for a digital strategy to grow her following. As an author, her ultimate goal was to grow her readership, sell more books, and gain more publishing deals. Our digital strategy grew her presence internationally and led to double the royalties.

The problem.

Our client came to us with a new penname presence that wasn’t growing. To get more books published under this name, she needed to grow her reach and engagement, Amazon reviews and overall presence.

Our solution.

We built a digital presence that fit her target market, then set her up on our proprietary author growth program to drive engagement, and more awareness of her books, with a very targeted niche group of readers.

The results.

We’ve built an audience of nearly 7,000 readers on social media, an engaged audience on her newsletter of over 600 readers, and doubled her monthly royalty checks from her first release under this name. She also has 3 new releases coming out in the first half of 2018!

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