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Success Story: Client becomes top 5 national producer

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By developing a successful sales and marketing plan, our client was able to see measurable growth. This plan helped develop new leads and turn prospects into clients.

The problem: Our client is relatively new to his sales role in a highly competitive market. He needs a way to generate and nurture new leads. In order to convert new business, he needs stay in front of his target audience on a regular basis.

Our solution: After defining his goals, we developed a marketing plan leveraging multiple touch-points with prospective clients. We implemented our proprietary LinkedIn program, along with a simple monthly e-newsletter. These two programs were used to curate new leads and help him stay in front of his network in a consistent, value-add way. ROI reports were consistently sent to our client to ensure his prospective client list is up-to-date. The reports also provided him with the opportunity to follow-up with his engaged audience and further nurture the relationship.

The results: Not only has our client grown his volume significantly since we started this program in mid-2017, he was recently named one of the top 5 producers in his national company. He is a true example of how simple, ROI-driven programming can make a huge impact in a relatively short period of time.

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