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Success Story: Social Media Drives RFP Leads

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Wondering how social media marketing can help convert leads in the AEC industry? We were able to get our client a multi-million dollar RFP from their Instagram presence. Read more to hear how we did it.

The problem.

Our client was reluctant to build a social media presence within the construction industry. They didn’t think it would convert leads for their brand. They needed to show ROI to get buy-in for the marketing spend, and were looking for help develop a digital marketing strategy.

Our solution.

We set a minimal budget for social media, leveraging as many organic growth tools as possible. To drive a substantial following in a defined geographic region, we used strategic targeting to grow their network.

The results.

Our client’s presence grew significantly. They gained followers, some of which decision makers across their geographic region. They have had several new clients mention that their social presence has kept them engaged, but one large, multi-million RFP came directly from a new prospect curated from their Instagram presence. Now that they see the tangible value of social media, they’re putting more effort into driving strong content that leads to conversions.

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