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Three Tips for Social Media Success

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Quick Tips to Make Your Social Media Efforts More Successful

One of the most common things we hear from new clients? “I know I need to be ON social media, but it doesn’t really DO anything for me.” 

In actuality, our clients are seeing a lot of growth from social media – when they use it the right way. And oftentimes, that starts with some basic tips that help you make your social media accounts….more social. 

  1. Include Contact Information in Your Profile

People often spend a lot of time building up their social media profile, increasing followers, creating compelling content, and beefing up engagement. Yet, they often make a critical mistake. They don’t make it easy for a follower to get in touch with them by keeping their contact details visible.

You may think that having your contact info on one platform is enough- this isn’t the case. Even if your social pages

contain a link to your website, the chances are low that people will search for it or make the effort to click. Having it on every page increases the likelihood of actually getting new leads.

2. Be ACTIVE on stories

Let’s be real, stories can be a little awkward, they are more in the moment, and involve less editing. Yet, stories are often the first place people look when they log onto their social media accounts. They are at the top of the page and they offer a quick and easy recap of what is happening with the accounts they follow.

Plus, with all the different algorithms, there is no guarantee your normal post will be found by users who are scrolling their timeline. Stories are a much more foolproof way of being seen.  

3. Always add value to your audience

Adding value is the most important part of any social media strategy. Valuable content gets shared, and that is the most effective way to organically get more followers.

If the content you share starts decreasing in value, or becomes less valuable to your niche audience you may find that you begin to lose followers as well. Understanding your target audience is the key to curating content that they will find interesting – and will keep them engaged.