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What the heck is a personal brand?

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I was on social media a few weeks ago and one of my “friends” posted about the “personal-professional brand.” I was so confused. And I’m in marketing!

The “personal-professional brand” feels confusing to me. But the reality of today’s digital world is that your PERSONAL BRAND- and that of the people at your company- has a direct impact on your COMPANY’S BRAND.

While there are lots of different ways that your company/personal brand should be addressed, the most obvious is the personal visual of your team. That’s right, your dress code. Every day, your clients, customers, referral sources, prospects…EVERYONE…is judging every individual at your company based on what they’re wearing, even if it’s on a subconscious level.

At amplify, we have a pretty relaxed dress code. We talk regularly at our team meetings about what is and what is not appropriate to wear at work, with clients, etc. You see, we’re a marketing agency. My team is creative, and I want that to come across in how they dress. I don’t want them uncomfortable at work, because they’ll start to hate their job. I also don’t want them showing up at a client in a black-on-black three piece suit, that isn’t our brand.

So we talk about infusing our personality in our outfit choices. We bring up examples of how the old school suit-and-tie doesn’t even work for our most buttoned-up clients any more. It’s not relatable.

So yes, it’s important to have a dress code. But a dress code in your employee handbook is static on your company server.  With real conversations, real examples-  your team will understand how to represent your brand, and how to represent themselves, in any kind of situation.