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What to do when your marketing strategy goes off the rails

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When you put a sales and marketing strategy – a success plan – in place, you’re doing it for a reason: to guide your company to the place you want it to be. And 99% of the time, as long as you’re dedicating the time and energy you should be, everything on that plan can be a huge contributing factor to your bottom line. But every once in a while, you’re going to run into a situation where your plan goes off the rails.

Don’t Panic.

You read that right. While it might not feel like it, everyone has a situation that goes wrong, and is totally out of their hands. The reality is that there are outlying factors – human error notwithstanding – that are going to impact your vision for your sales and marketing strategy. The key is to be ok with it, and move on in the RIGHT way.

It’s happened to us.

Just this week, we had some technology issues that couldn’t be remedied. This meant our planned webinar couldn’t go live on our website, and when we finally did get it live on our site, the sound didn’t work. Ultimately, we had to start from scratch and re-record, re-upload, and apologize to all of the attendees for the inconvenience while re-sending out the new recording.

Figure out a quick fix.

Sometimes, there’s a quick way to workaround the issue. For us, we tried to do a live stream on YouTube live, instead of posting our normal way, which didn’t work. Then, the sound on our videos went out. This time, we couldn’t find a quick fix…but most of the time, there’s an easy way to work around the issue that isn’t too costly or time consuming for your team.

Create a solution, and communicate it.

If you can’t create a quick fix, then you need to come up with a game plan that does not include freaking out. Step back, look at the situation logically, and decide what a reasonable solution would be. For us, that meant re-recording and sending out a new set of emails to our subscribers the following day. We communicated this on the landing page for the webinar, and also apologized for the issues via email. It wasn’t ideal, but we were able to deliver what our viewers were looking for.

Your marketing strategy isn’t bullet proof.

Focus in on the things you can control, and do everything within that scope really, really well. Over-communicate with your audience, and the stakeholders in the projects. Then if things that are OUT of your control happen, they don’t have to have such a huge impact.

Bottom line: things will happen that go against your strategy. How you resolve them dictates your success!