Success Story: Strategic Marketing Plan Leads to Financial Sector Growth

client industry: banking

To build long-term growth, we partner with some of our clients in a Fractional CMO capacity. In this client’s situation, we were able to segment departments while creating cohesion across their brand, while building community connections through strategic marketing initiatives. 

The problem: Our client had been around in the financial sector for more than 50 years – but they were struggling to make headway in the post-recession economy, due to a marketing and sales department that didn’t communicate, and no cohesive strategy tied to actionable, ROI-driven tactics.

Our solution: With a 4-hour strategy session, we met with department heads across the company to understand their main target audiences. With this information, we were able to create a 12-month, actionable plan that created a foundational strategy for growth.

The results: Once implemented, the team was able to hit their growth goals in about 9 months. At that point, they were able to move onto deeper niche strategies that allowed for additional strategic growth that leveraged cross-selling opportunities, marketing assessments and tracking, helping them truly optimize their sales and marketing spend.