Success Story: Digital Growth Campaign Leads to Profitable Product Sale + Long-Term Residuals

client industry: healthcare / healthtech

To build long-term growth, we partner with some of our clients in a Fractional CMO capacity. In this partnership, we were able to build a tangible brand, create a national PR presence and secure relationships for a client that ultimately led to the product sale + licensing. 

The problem: Our client, an entrepreneur, was launching a new health tech product with the intent of white labeling it for larger companies in the juvenile space, or securing a licensing deal. He had no idea where to start building a brand or how to get in front of the big wigs at the companies that would be interested in his safety device. Our solution: We curated an intensive digital campaign that included digital content, social media community engagement, and target PR opportunities. We also successfully got his product in front of and met with the right executives in the industry to secure a potential deal. The results: We grew his brand presence from 0 to over 25K followers, and secured over 500 million impressions in earned media, within a two-month time frame. He was able to secure a profitable product sale with ongoing residuals directly due to our support.