October 5, 2023 in Articles, Success Story

Success Story: Webinar Program Leads to Prospect Engagement and Lead Development

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client industry: healthtech

We strongly advocate for our clients to adopt a comprehensive marketing strategy, but recognize that some methods deliver more immediate results. Webinars, for instance, are particularly effective. We employ an integrated approach combining the webinar itself with a suite of complementary tactics, including email marketing, social media promotion, and post-event content amplification, to drive outcomes.

The problem: Our client, a healthtech firm, recognized the value of virtual events, but was paying significant fees to co-host webinars with established organizations. After spending time building their own database, they realized that hosting their own webinars might create stronger ROI for their organization long-term. Not only did this give them rights to the content for re-amplification of their events, it would also make the content available for repurposing over time.

Our solution: We leveraged our proprietary webinar system to pre-record, edit and optimize their webinar. We then used our automated webinar system to set up an event, then crafted and deployed a promotional email and social media campaign to engage their audience. We made their team moderators for the event so that they could live-respond to questions and comments throughout the virtual replay, then uploaded the event to their YouTube channel and website, and reshared it via email and social media. 

The results: This strategy is successful beyond their expectations. Not only did they successfully engage with several prospects in the nurturing process, they also engaged two new prospects who are in active conversations to contract. They are planning on a bi-monthly engagement for webinars due to the success of this deployment. 


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