What to include in your financial services newsletter

For leaders in financial services who are navigating an ever-evolving landscape of new sales and marketing solutions, one tactic remains at the forefront, bridging the gap between sales and marketing while offering an opportunity to maximize the marketing tactics you already have: a digital newsletter. But what should you include in every issue? We’ll break down key components that make your health tech newsletter informative and impactful!

Create a conversational update from a leader in your organization

To start, always lead off your newsletter with an introduction from a leader within your organization. Depending on the audience, this could be your President or CEO or their main point of contact within your company. This update should be friendly, include an update on something your team has been working on, highlight industry changes at a high level, and offer a brief overview of what else will be included in the e-newsletter. It should be written in the first person and feel authentic to the person it represents – for example, using tone and language they would realistically use in a personal email. This is a great way to build credibility and rapport with your audience.

Share valuable updates and insights from your blog or other trusted financial resources

Providing value is key to building a loyal following – so focus on providing updates and information that your audience finds useful instead of focusing on insights that solely promote your firm’s services or products. Whether it’s content from your blog or other trusted resources, the value of the information you share is key to developing your status as an industry leader. We recommend incorporating two to three articles into your newsletter.

Share any upcoming or recent events you’ll attend

From webinars and speaking opportunities to dinners and larger community events, showing your audience that you’re engaged in the community and actively attending events in your industry is a great way to build credibility. Being active in the “live” space makes your firm feel more legitimate. This is also an opportunity to get more personalized, sharing photos from the last events you’ve attended so your audience can see the real people behind your organization, which warms their relationship with your team.

Discuss new developments in your niche

Sharing updates, innovations, and advancements in your niche can help start conversations and showcase your knowledge in your own space. This could include legal updates for business owners, changes to estate planning, your insight on newsworthy stories, explanations of new technology or even a simple case study on a customer that worked with you and saw great results. Obvioulsy, what you share is dependent on how restrictive your compliance department is – so check your topics with your compliance team before creating content if you’re worried it won’t be approved.

Recap and link to videos and podcasts you’ve produced

When you invest your marketing budget into podcasts and video content, they aren’t meant to be standalone tactics. Repurposing the content you share on other platforms isn’t just helping to maximize your efforts – it’s helping a more expansive audience get eyes on the valuable information you’ve shared. Create sections in your newsletter to host this type of content, and recap each piece with a value-focused message for the customer. When you format all of your promotional content as a value add and you provide actionable data and insights for your audience, they feel less like you’re selling to them and more like you’re supporting them – which is a key component of building relationships and marketing in a way that directly impacts your sales process.

Invite subscribers to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss their unique situation

While most of the content in your newsletter should be value-focused, it’s essential to have a call-to-action (or sometimes, a few throughout the email) that helps prospects understand how they can take the next step. The most straightforward call to action you can use in your send is inviting readers to schedule a complimentary consultation with your team. Ideally, this is an automated process through a tool like Calendly or a similar tool, where they can schedule a 15 or 30-minute conversation with you or someone on your team to discuss their challenges and how your team can help.

Build your newsletter strategy

Creating a newsletter for your financial services firm can provide an exciting and engaging way to stay up-to-date on the market and your firm. To ensure your newsletter is complete, include a conversational update from a leader in your organization as well as valuable updates and insights from other trusted resources. You should also share any upcoming events, highlight recent studies or reports related to your industry, recap videos and podcasts you’ve shared, and invite subscribers to schedule a complimentary consultation with the team. By taking each of these steps, you can ensure that your newsletter has everything it needs to be both captivating and informative for the end user, as well as a valuable marketing tool to support the sales cycle for your team.