February 21, 2024 in Articles, Success Story

Success Story: Partnership Marketing Creates New Lead Opportunities

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client industry: healthtech

Partnership programs can be a great way to expand your reach, create unique and simple thought leadership, and fill your funnel with qualified leads brought in by a non-competitive partner. Managing these programs can be challenging, but some simple management solutions can help. 

The problem: Our client, a provider-focused healthtech firm, had numerous industry partners but no real way to track the efficacy of their partnerships and no tangible program for creating ROI from these partnerships. 

Our solution: We created a criteria map with weighted categories to identify the best partners, then created a simple marketing program that included PR, webinars, social content and videos to both lend value to the relationships and encourage partners to send potential deals to our client. In addition, we started a monthly digest that was distributed to the partners,  highlighting industry news and activities that they might want to share with their own audience. 

The results: Within six months, we were able to creat ea waiting list for the partnership program and also encourage current partners to actively send new potential deals to our client. This cemented important relationships in the industry and further solidified our client’s position as a trusted resource and solution, effectively expanding this affiliate style program.


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