January 11, 2024 in Articles, Success Story

Success Story: Creative Support Leads to Organic Growth

client industry: commercial construction

Video is a leading tool used across multiple mediums to engage with prospects and grow visiblity. For this client, a more robust video plan was essential to their ability to compete. 

The problem: Out client, a commercial construction company in Texas, partnered with a dedicated Google ads agency to build a sales funnel, sending prospects into their pipeline. The problem that arose was that while adept at running Google ads, the agency did not have an expansive creative team. Videos were not meeting creative expectations and on an 8-week turnaround for each piece of content. The client needed significantly more video content produced for their business to support both their organic growth and ads development.

Our solution: We built a customized workflow where the client’s team could send job-site video content, and our team would turn around video content in a week. This led to extensive amplification of video content, expanded organic lead gen and created a significant impact on ad success.

The results: Within three months, we had revolutionized their creative and significantly pumped up lead conversion due to the improvement in video content. In addition, the client saw thousands of weekly organic views on videos, turning this marketing tactic into a conversion opportunity for leads already in their pipeline!


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