January 25, 2024 in Articles, Success Story

Success Story: Webinar Deployment Drives Prospect Development

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client industry: professional Services

Webinars have become one of the leading conversion tools for professional service firms. From pre-recorded to live versions, there are a multitude of ways to multi-purpose content for success.

The problem: Our client, a midwest-based CPA firm, was looking for new ways to expand their reach and nurture prospects in the pipeline. They wanted to leverage partner-focused webinars, but did not have the bandwidth or internal team to manage deployment. 

Our solution: We created a simplified webinar process that involved pre-recording a fireside chat style event, editing and adjusting the content, promoting the event through the client’s channels and managing outreach and follow up. Beyond, we split the final version of the webinar into clips that were repurposed as thought leadership on the client’s LinkedIn accounts. 

The results: On this webinar, we had significant registrations with a 73% attendance rate and 90% of attendees remained on the webinar for the full length of the event. These were active prospects in their pipeline, partners and current clients. Not only did this give the client an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and a reason to connect with clients and prospects, but by taking the heavy lifting off the client, the process felt more manageable and less onerous. Overall, it was a huge success, and they are planning quarterly webinars for the rest of the year! 


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