June 13, 2024 in Articles, Digital Marketing, Sales and marketing, Video

[VIDEO] The 3 Marketing Tactics to Avoid in B2B Healthcare (and what to do instead)

In this insightful video, we’re unraveling the complexities of digital marketing tactics in the B2B healthcare and health tech space, focusing on what marketing tactics often fail in this space, and how to turn it around for success. From the pitfalls of overcommitting to pricey events to the nuanced challenges of podcasting and PR within this niche, we’ll cover what to avoid, what to consider, and how to choose the best tactics to support growth in your organization. We also cover the top five digital tactics that are indispensable for any company in this industry. This video will guide you towards setting up an effective plan, maximizing your investment, and securing the returns you’re aiming for. Join us as we dissect each tactic, offering actionable insights and strategies tailored to the health tech sector. Your pathway to impactful digital marketing in the health tech space starts here! Have a video idea? Reach out to our team: editor@amplifyup.com Have a question? Email Cortney: cortney@amplifyup.com


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