September 22, 2023 in Articles, Success Story

Success Story: Regular Blog Calendar Leads to Stronger Client Referrals

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client industry: Financial Services

We have partnered with this client for three years to build consistency across his presence. 18 months ago, we launched an educational initiative in the form of a monthly blog, designed to share actionable insights with clients that led them to be more proactive about their finances. This education campaign translated to greater success for his firm.

The problem: Our client had been in business since the early 2000’s, and was looking to adjust his business model. As he looked forward, he knew he needed to approach his new direction with significant client education, so that he could build stronger relationships and referrals that fit his target demographic for the future. 

Our solution: On top of a regular LinkedIn campaign, we began a monthly blog that addressed common FAQs within the services he offered. In these blogs, we offered many actionable steps, along with strong calls-to-action that led the reader to connect with the firm if they needed assistance. We then maximized the content through many social media channels with a multi-post outreach strategy, along with including the content in the firm’s monthly newsletter. 

The results: With consistency and regular promotion, we were able to leverage this tool and turn it into a bonafide referral campaign for clients. Not only does this lend credibility in the firm’s outreach campaigns, it’s helped solidify relationships with top referral sources and supported continuous growth for this firm’s future.


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