September 29, 2023 in Articles, Success Story

Success Story: Consistent LinkedIn Implementation Leads to LinkedInfluencer Status for Client

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client industry: HR / Human Capital management

As a component of a comprehensive campaign aimed at establishing national prominence within various critical niche markets, we integrated a dynamic LinkedIn strategy. This approach has not only fortified relationships and bolstered our client’s credibility, but it has also cultivated recognition for our client in unforeseen and beneficial ways.

The problem: When we initiated our partnership with the HCM firm in 2018, they were amidst a phase of expansion, but desired a more methodical strategy that would seamlessly blend marketing into their sales vision. Among a number of measures, a central objective was to fortify their credibility and enhance brand awareness within specific, crucial markets spread across their five-state territory. This was mapped with a long-haul vision of expanding this influence on a national scale.

Our solution: A significant aspect of our strategy involved formulating a substantial LinkedIn campaign. This initiative entailed regular dissemination of posts and articles, coupled with dedicated outreach. Concurrently, our client amplified his direct interactions—namely, likes, comments, and shares—on content shared by others. Moreover, we have been persistent in expanding his audience on the platform each week, particularly focusing on specific target prospects.

The results: After implementing this strategy over several years, we have effectively cultivated and nurtured a plethora of valuable relationships for the client, leading to a tangible influence on his business. His recognition extends beyond personal encounters, often being acknowledged by individuals he has only interacted with on LinkedIn during his city outings. Remarkably, he was recently recognized by an admirer during a flight to New York City, a testament to his successful ascendance to the stature of a LinkedIn influencer.


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