October 12, 2023 in Articles, Success Story

Success Story: Email Drip Campaign Manages Top-of-the-Funnel Leads

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client industry: healthtech

Email continues to hold a pivotal role in a healthtech company’s marketing toolkit, a fact underscored by this particular success narrative. It illustrates the strategic use of email drip campaigns, a highly effective method for initiating thoughtful conversations with a new audience or for optimizing the productivity of sales teams by effectively nurturing warm leads.

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The problem: Our client, a healthtech firm, was looking to amplify their sales team’s efforts after implementing a new CRM. They recognized that prospect development was more of a numbers game, and wanted their people to focus on warm leads in the pipeline, while an automation was able to engage and develop prospects at the top of the funnel.

Our solution: We created a customized drip campaign with multiple check in points mid-deployment. We helped them to develop a list and categorize prospects, then started those individuals on the drip campaign in their CRM. We then trained their SDR to take over the ongoing list development so that they could easily continue adding top-of-the-funnel prospects to the drip campaign over time. 

The results: Within 8 weeks, the campaign showed results, generating numerous conversations scheduled directly with the sales team, and two prospects actively in conversation to pilot their program with a long-term commitment option. They continue to use the system to keep their top-funnel pipeline full and their team’s calendars active. 


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