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November 30, 2023 in Articles, Digital Marketing, healthtech marketing

Email is still the #1 way for healthtech companies to reach new clients

Are you a business leader within the healthtech industry looking for an effective way to reach new clients? Look no further than email: it is by far the most successful and reliable tool for engaging ...

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November 23, 2023 in Articles, Digital Marketing, healthtech marketing, Sales and marketing

Why HealthTech Companies Need Ongoing Marketing Training for Their Sales Team

In today’s high-tech world, marketing and sales are intricately linked. HealthTech companies can easily become sidetracked with trying to develop the latest technology solutions without focusing on ho ...

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November 19, 2023 in Articles, Digital Marketing, healthtech marketing, Internal Marketing

How HealthTech Companies Can Use Internal Marketing for Employee Retention

As the HealthTech landscape continues to expand, it’s no secret that employee retention has become an increasingly important issue. Growing companies need to be able to quickly adjust and respond to a ...

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November 16, 2023 in Articles, Digital Marketing, healthtech marketing

How often do HealthTech companies need to post on LinkedIn?

Are you a healthtech business leader looking to use LinkedIn for marketing success? If so, it’s essential to clearly understand the most effective way to post content and remain top-of-mind with your ...

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Relaxed confident female entrepreneur reclining back in her chair with her bare feet on the desk talking to a client on her mobile phone, high angle view on desk with paperwork, charts and laptop
November 12, 2023 in Articles, Digital Marketing, healthtech marketing

What to include in your health tech newsletter

For health tech leaders navigating an ever-evolving landscape of new sales and marketing solutions, one tactic remains at the forefront, bridging the gap between sales and marketing while offering an ...

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Relaxed Businesswoman with feet up checking work social media on smart phone at work
November 5, 2023 in Articles, Digital Marketing, healthtech marketing

3 Prospect Nurturing Tactics Health Tech Firms Need to Implement

As a health tech leader, you know it’s important to keep up with your field’s latest trends and advancements. It is also key to be able to differentiate yourself from competitors. One way of doing thi ...

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